18"x1.5" RoadWarrior RV Jack Pad

18"x1.5" RoadWarrior RV Jack Pad

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  • Model: RW18-1.5
  • Pad Size: 18"
  • Thickness: 1.5"
  • Weight: 12 LBS
  • Crush Rating: 400 PSI
  • Working Load Limit: 50,000 LBS
  • Handle: TuffGrip®
  • Color: Black
  • Handle Color: Light Blue


  • SIMPLY BETTER RV AND TRAILER JACK PADS - Lightweight, easy to set up, will never break or splinter, supports all RV jacks from sinking or damaging paved surfaces.
  • MADE IN USA - Guaranteed unbreakable, supports up to 50,000 lbs, 100% waterproof, can be stacked for additional height.
  • 18" JACK PAD - Provides better performance in softer conditions, excellent support and stabilizer for heavy RVs.
  • GET A HANDLE ON YOUR SAFETY® - Our patented TuffGrip handles are waterproof, unbreakable, and make placing your RV and trailer jack pads a snap!
  • ROADWARRIOR RV JACK PADS - Manufactured by DICA, the makers of SafetyTech Outrigger Pads, specifically for RV owners looking for the ultimate RV accessories and essentials. 
  • Engineered Thermoplastic Material - 
    • 100% Guaranteed Unbreakable
    • Provides load distribution over the ground
    • Resistance to road chemicals and waterproof durability
    • Protection for paved surfaces
    • Super strong and comfy handles


  • Strong Unbreakable Waterproof Jack Pad for RV's and Trailers. 
  • For Use With:
    • Towable RV's
    • Motorized RV's
    • Specialty RV's
    • Semi-Trailers
  • RoadWarrior RV Jack Pads Patented Design is the perfect solution for all types of Recreational Vehicles and Trailers.
  • No other product can provide: 100% guaranteed unbreakable support, safely distribute jack loads, deliver a strong and level foundation, prevent your jacks from sinking into soft ground or damaging paved surfaces.


  • RoadWarrior RV Jacks Pads are 100% guaranteed to never break, splinter or absorb water.
  • Will safely and effectively distribute your RV jack load over the ground and keep your camper, RV or trailer safe and level.
  • Wood or non-industrial strength pads (2-4 packs for under $30), will almost certaintly need to be re-purchased or made again and load distribution under the pad will typically be ineffective.
  • They support RV jacks from sinking into soft ground (and possibly bending the jack foot itself) or damaging paved surfaces.
  • Their ergonomic friendly TuffGrip Handles are completely waterproof and 100% guaranteed unbreakable. They are also fantastically comfortable and make placing and retrieving your RV and trailer jack pads a snap!

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